For 20 years, I've worked within an incredible array of contexts to solve an incredible array of design challenges. I've worked within small and large organizations and across device types. My deep and varied experiences have made me flexible and enormously respectful of the power of collaboration, communication, and diplomacy.

Samples of my Work

experience map

My team and I developed a non-linear experience map as an artifact of a workshop I lead with 32 participants from across the organization.


I crafted stories to clarify the "whats" and "whys" of a new product's use cases.

Facilitate workshops

I facilitated workshops and hands-on participatory activities to generate insight and gain alignment.

next-gen mobile OS

I was part of a team that explored what a next generation mobile OS might look like.


I created wireframes that reflected the multitude of stories I heard from a broad spectrum of stakeholders of a national park.

feature worksheet

I developed a worksheet to help rank proposed features against a standard set of criteria.

Lead research projects

I conducted field research and remote interviews.


I created flowcharts to document emails related to a feature.


I generated flows to represent a proposed new feature in order get alignment across the organization.

e-ink document readere-ink document reader

My team and I designed an operating system and user experience for a touch e-ink document reader.


My team and I created a system of archetypes and profiles as a replacement for personas.


I made icons.

email signingsimple signing

I made concept sketches that show how we could simplify and transform an enterprise solution into a consumer experience.

comments flow

I designed detailed interactions.

in-game conversation panel

I designed a conversation panel in a game.

payments ipad app

I created wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for an iPad payments app.

target audience

I created clarifying statements about a target audience.

mobile web restaurant app

I made sure that even a complex experience worked on the mobile web.

iPad app news readeriPad app news reader

I worked on concepts for a news reader.

professional journeys

I conducted interviews and mapped people's professional journeys in order to understand how their positions, desires, and needs changed over time.

DiwaliSt. Louis

I created visions of what a product could be based on what it does best.


UC Santa Cruz



Stanford University



Stanford University

Feminist Studies
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